CTX Club is a proud member of the two of the biggest Trading organizations:

NATE exists to promote, educate and train fellow exchanges in the barter industry. NATE is dedicated to helping independently owned and operated exchanges prosper while upholding a formal standard of ethics and integrity used to maintain federal compliances and regulations.

DoBarter On-Line has over 150 Trade Exchanges using our Barter Software as a Service with over 50,000 members and now over 2,000,000 Transactions!

Below are the services our members offer to our trade partners:

Health & Alternative Medicines

Dentist – Eye Doctors – Therapist – Psychology

Neuropathy – Hypnotherapy – Yoga – Chiropractor

Automobile Services

Repairs – Maintenance – Auto Body – Detailing

Tune Ups – Oil Change – Brakes

Media & Advertising

Marketing Support – Websites – SEO – TV

Radio – Print Advertising – Audio Video – Promotions

Animal Care

Veterinary – Grooming – Boarding – Dog Walking 

Animal Hospital

Entertainment & Travel

Hotels – Private Condos – Resorts – Restaurants


Business Services

Attorneys – Accounting – Printing – PC Support

Pest Control – Handyman Services

Party Services

Catering – Florists – Party Rentals – Photographers

Limo – Disk Jockeys – Entertainers

Health & Beauty

Beauty Salons – Health Clubs – Tattoo Parlors – Nail Services

Trainers – Facial Massage